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After visiting many cities in the world as a tourist and staying at apartments where rates were lower than hotels of similar category, it appealed to me that the same idea could be launched in the city I live and love. In 2004 I decided to start up Buenos Aires Business & Home since I had considerable knowledge of the Argentine tourist market and liked the thought of providing that "at home" feeling for my guests.

The properties offered initially, which were adequately furnished and equipped, were much in demand. Within a few months we expanded our business to provide other services to ensure better quality and secure investment in the real estate market.

All properties offered by our organisation, and the professionals who perform various services, are carefully selected.
Buenos Aires Home & Business strives to attain the highest levels of service to our clients and guests.

Our staff and our propierties are GAY FRIENDLY. Please feel free to send us your requests and questions.

You are invited to visit our firm and know our products.

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