Gay Friendly Apartments in Buenos Aires

"Gay Friendly" worldwide refers to places, policies, people or institutions that create a friendly environment towards LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) without excluding others.
Nowadays many companies are identified as gay friendly, thus expanding the diversity of its customers and employees.
Buenos Aires is one of the most open and flexible capitals for the global gay community. It has for example, the Civil Union Act for homosexual couples since 2002 and one can easily access Queer tango classes or attend a real milonga gay.

Buenos Aires has its own gay publications, clubs, saunas, restaurants, parties, beauty salons and spas, that display a wide range of offerings in all areas. This city is also developing several major annual events such as the Gay Football World Championship, the BA International Tango Queer Festival and the Gay Film Festival DIVERSA.

Buenos Aires Home & Business is proud to offer an open environment where all its clients, regardless their sexual orientation, can comfortably consult about our apartments in Buenos Aires, about the various cultural and tourist tours this city has to offer, and about our personalized services.

Our LGBT guests feel comfortable in telling us the type of travel they plan to do, to consult for details of their accommodation or to ask us to recommend them both circuits in Capital and elsewhere in the country.

We have a large supply of apartments for short term rental near the main attractions of the gay city and we welcome our LGBT guests with a complete guide to Buenos Aires Gay Friendly where they will find all the information necessary to fully enjoy the “porteño” gay friendly circuit.